The educational offer provides for the acquisition of 180 credits through several didactic activities organized on monthly basis – such as modules, seminars, laboratory activities carried out by Italian and foreign teachers included in the Academic Board, as well as by teachers and researchers from other universities, research centers and museums, invited to give lectures, conferences and seminars.
Ph.D. students carry out laboratory activities at the facilities of the Department of Cultural Heritage Science and of the University – Laboratory of Archeology “Mario Napoli”, Laboratory of Art History Archive “Filiberto Menna”, SIGOT Laboratory, Philosophy and Languages of Images Laboratory. The activities are aimed at learning and applying local and networked information systems, with protocols for open access and open data for the dissemination of the research, with particular regard to the data of excavation and reconnaissance, and also to the elaboration of “finalized” maps, multivariate analysis, archiving and processing of images.
There are planned internships at Superintendencies and Territorial Bodies, as well as study abroad programs organized at universities, museums and research centers. In addition, Ph.D. students will be actively included in international researches conducted by the members of the Academic Board.

Participation in a C2 English language course is compulsory.

– Activities for the academic year 2019/2020