PhD course in Methods and Methodology in the Archeological and Art Historical Research a.y. 2020/2021

First year (PhD cohort XXXVI cycle)

II semester (start February 22, 2021)

Research on history and languages of arts: Theories, methods and critical perspectives 15 cfu 30 hrs.

(3 modules of 10 hours: ssds L/ART 04 M/FIL 04)

I module 10 hrs ssd L/ART 04 Professor Stefania Zuliani

II module 10 hrs ssd L/ART 04 Professors Adriano Amendola (5hrs) Antonella Trotta (5hrs)

III module 10 hrs ssd M/FIL 04 Professors Pina De Luca (5hrs) Francesco Vitale (5hrs)

History, theories and methods of archaeological research 15 cfu 30 hrs. (3 modules of 10 hours ssds L/ANT 07, L/ANT 10)

I module History of research on ancient art. 10 hrs. ssd L/ANT 07 Professors: Luca Cerchiai (5hrs) Michele Scafuro (5hrs)

II module 10 hrs. ssd L /ANT 07 Models of iconography reading and figurative programmes
Professors: Mauro Menichetti (5hrs) Eliana Mugione (5hrs)

III module 10 hrs. ssd L/ANT 10 History and systems of reading and interpretation of landscapes
Professors: Alfonso Santoriello (5hrs) Carmine Pellegrino (5hrs)

I and II semester

Other training activities (type F):

10 cfu Language skills (at the CLA)

10 cfu Seminars, conventions, conferences

10 cfu Research and writing the thesis