The curriculum “History of art, aesthetics, image languages” welcomes and supports research that analyses a wide chronological span – from the Middle Ages to the present. Supported by modern methodologies, it deals with issues concerning contiguous disciplinary areas, all differently related to the visual culture and its interpretation. History and criticism of art, museology, aesthetics and philosophy of languages, studies on the relationship between image and text, performative languages and history of theater are the fields of investigation that define the curriculum, also aimed at encouraging collaborations with Italian and foreign institutions and research centers.

The scientific-disciplinary sectors represented are L-ART / 01 (History of Medieval Art), L-ART / 02 (History of Modern Art) L-ART / 03 (History of Contemporary Art), L-ART / 04 (Museology, Art Criticism and Restoration), L-ART / 05 (History of Theater,) M-FIL / 03 (Aesthetics and Philosophy of Languages), M-FIL / 06 (History of Philosophy) M-FIL / 03 (Moral Philosophy).

Coordinator: Donato Salvatore