The archaeological curriculum aims to prepare a certain number of graduates in the disciplines of the archaeological area – and related areas – to do scientific research. Seminars, conferences, practical experiences, study trips are organized to focus the Ph.D. student’s work on the practical and theoretical methodology of research within a chronological range that goes from the Iron Age to the late ancient age. This involves first of all the comparison between the historical and documentary sources and the concrete archaeological data, objectively analyzed with traditional and / or innovative methods.
The disciplinary sectors concerned are the following: Greek History (L-ANT / 02), Numismatics (L-ANT / 04), Etruscology (L-ANT / 06), Archeology (L-ANT / 07), Medieval Archeology (L- ANT / 08), Topography (L-ANT / 09), Methodology of Archaeological Research (L-ANT / 10), Aegean Civilizations (FIL-LET / 01).

Coordinator: Fausto Longo